Becky M Sciortino

Symposium Chair

In a career that has spanned more than 20 years and generations of client families, Becky’s focus on their wealth and health has never wavered. She continues to see clients as people, not portfolios – with real-world situations and ambitions that weigh heavily on the financial strategies she builds on their behalf.

With most clients referred by others, Becky has come to assist a growing circle of active and retired individuals in the Albany region, throughout New York and ten other states. They include successful business owners (many with 401k and other defined benefit plans), corporate executives, former New York State employees with pensions, divorced and widowed women, and extended families.

“Early in my career, my mother was diagnosed with 3rd stage colon cancer. It really made a huge impact on how I work with clients. I became even more passionate about helping people create their life dreams so that they can enjoy their life with those they love. I consider it an honor and privilege to help clients through challenges whether it’s the loss of a spouse, an illness, a recent divorce or even a job loss. I never take the responsibility trusted in me lightly.

Because retirement is a primary concern for many clients, Becky provides an enlightened perspective on retirement planning, income-generation, and wealth preservation and growth strategies. She shows clients how to “bucket their money” and satisfy different purposes – short-term needs, emergency situations and long-term goals. Becky also focuses conversations on important topics including client health, saving vs. spending, Social Security scenarios, long-term care and other forms of insurance. Additionally, Becky offers access to Bank of America, N.A. for residential and securities-based lending, and other banking services.

One of Becky’s primary goals is keeping clients from making impulsive financial decisions, often based on emotion. That’s why she proactively helps clients plan and prepare for circumstances they anticipate and those they don’t. She also educates whenever possible, so that clients understand “the what’s and why’s” of what they own, their investment allocation, and their role in following a clearly defined financial strategy. To align tax minimization and estate planning strategies, she can coordinate her efforts with clients’ CPAs and attorneys.

In 1998, Becky launched her financial career at Fleet Investment Management and its legacy firms. In 2005, she moved to SEFCU Wealth Management Services at LPL where she spent 16 years. Becky joins Merrill combining her 23 years of experience and the firm’s extraordinary resources to provide exceptional service to her clients.

Becky is a graduate of Russell Sage College, where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in International Studies with a concentration in Economics.