Board & Committees

Following is the list of members of FPA-NENY’s current boards & committees. Click on any name to view contact information.

Board Members

Adam D. McNeillPresident
Michael Frontera, CFP®Immediate Past President
Helen Carroll, CFP®, QPFCSecretary
Thomas Brunell, CPATreasurer
Stephanie CoganExecutive Director
Howard Kibrick, CFP®Advocacy Chair
Rene Farrington, CFP® Membership Chair
Saša Mirković, CFP®, MBA, CRPC®Partners Chair
Derek Gray, CFP®Programs Chair
Saša Mirković, CFP®, MBA, CRPC®Pro Bono Chair
Ross FabregasPublic Relations
Thomas McGrath, CFP®Symposium Chair


Howard Kibrick, CFP®Advocacy Chair
Tim Hamilton, CFP®Committee Member
James Lee, CFP®             Committee Member

Membership Committee

Rene Farringon, CFP® Membership Chair              


Walter Klisiwecz, CFP®Partners Chair

Pro Bono Committee

Saša Mirković, CFP®, MBA, CRPC®Pro Bono Co-Chair
Travis Kellman, MSFP, CFP®, CRPC®Pro Bono Co-Chair
Tim Hamilton, CFP®Committee Member
Howard Kibrick, CFP®Committee Member
James Lee, CFP®Committee Member

Programs Committee

Derek Gray, CFP®Programs Chair
Olivia A. Mussett, CFP®Committee Member
Len Valletta, CFP®Committee Member
Ron Plaine, CFP®, CPA, EACommittee Member

Public Relations Committee

Adam D. McNeillPublic Relations Co-Chair
Ross FabregasPublic Relations Co-Chair

Symposium Committee

Thomas McGrath, CFP®Symposium Chair              
Walter Klisiwecz, CFP®Committee Member
Helen Carroll, CFP®, QPFCCommittee Member